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NOTE: This tier is a special tier only for those who have volunteered to write the meditation descriptions in advance of  them being released to the public. If you are interested in this, please contact me.

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At this tier, subscribers can access multiple 15-minute guided meditations, with two new 15-minute meditations added each month. This length provides an excellent introduction to the practice of focusing your attention. 

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Subscribers will practice shifting their consciousness at will by listening to the guidance in the 30-minute meditations. Two new meditations will be added monthly. Subscribers may access all of the 15-minute meditations as well as all of the 30-minute meditations.  



About Ruth Cherry, PhD

Watch the above video to hear from four individuals who have been listening to Ruth's meditations and hear how it has changed their lives.

Click this link to enjoy a complimentary 30-Minute Guided Meditation here on Patreon to see what everyone is talking about, why Ruth's meditations resonate with so many people around the world, and how it can possibly help you!

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And now, a message from Ruth Cherry, PhD:

"We all want to live joyfully and passionately. Our intellect suggests a plan to do so in our youth.

Then Life happens.

Our plan to be happy proves inadequate to cope with Life's unexpected challenges. We realize that there is more to this experience of living than our intellect can grasp.

Then, fearfully perhaps, we move into our dark inner world. We realize that we can't think our way through Life and that safety is not guaranteed.

Life is to be experienced. Respecting our experience will carry us to live the joyful, passionate life we seek. It's completely personal and thrilling when we allow ourselves to be carried by Life.

Meditation teaches us how to respect Life and to work in partnership with Life. What we experience will surprise us and guide us. We only need to open to the experience.

Listening to my meditations will teach you how to partner with Life. This non-intellectual process requires daily periods when you pay attention to your inner world.

Listen to my words on any recording every day. Every meditation pulls you into your inner world. By following the suggestions and sitting in silence, you practice availability.

Life always responds.

By practicing every day, you strengthen your partnership with Life and you open to deeper levels inside yourself.

The 15-minute guided meditations introduce you to the practice of meditation by focusing on one second at a time. We live one second at a time; by listening to these meditations you practice presence—knowing what it is to be you one second at a time.

The 30-minute meditations use the focus you practiced in the 15-minute meditations and extend it to watch your thoughts and feelings and inner world activity. Your identification with your Observer allows your inner world to guide you. By paying attention to your experience, you learn trust, the next step in your partnership with Life.

The 45-minute meditations create a space for you to receive the guidance that is personal to you from the Wisdom that lives at your deepest center.

With a daily meditation practice your partnership with Life grows. You access the Wisdom that is personal to you. Living joyfully and passionately follow.

All of my meditations will support you in your partnership with Life. Choose any one every day. I'll add two new meditations to each tier every month. You will soon amass a library of meditations which offer you structure for your experience of personal transformation."

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 182 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 182 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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