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is creating a restoration of morality & culture in a world of wickedness.

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I'm so dearly thankful that I have supporters like you who are committed to the restoration of morality, Western culture, masculinity, classical art and architecture, among others. The Guild of Gentlemen is the bridge between a corrupted modern world and eternal traditionalism. You are building that bridge. My feelings of thankfulness and gratitude are simply ineffable. Thank you for standing out because of who you are and standing up for what you believe in. 

As a Guild Supporter, you unlock numerous exclusive features! As a supporter, you will receive:

Access & Insight: 

1. Behind the scenes videos on what it takes to create and run the Guild.

2. Insight on all equipment, applications, sites, etc. that I use to create content for the Guild. 

The Future:

1. Insider access on what's to come in the near and far future. You're making it happen, so you get to know all the details on what's next!

2. You can now leave suggestions or wishes for what you'd like to see the Guild create or do!

Exclusive Discord Server:

You now have access to the exclusive Supporter Discord Server! This server is separate from the main server that the Guild operates in. This exclusive server is open for both men and women and is focused on providing a community for all traditionalists. You can have all of your questions answered, leave recommendations/suggestions on what you'd like to see from the Guild and above all, build a community. 

What You're Funding:

You are funding all of the marketing and equipment for the Guild. This is absolutely necessary to our continuation and growth. If we don't have equipment, we can't make or do anything. If we don't have marketing, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we cannot achieve our goals. This will eventually be updated to only include marketing. That change will come as soon as the necessary equipment is funded.

90% of these proceeds go toward funding the physical location, with the remaining 10% funding the marketing and equipment needed. All 90% of these proceeds are strictly designated for the purchase and upkeep of the land. Once the land is funded, this will be updated! 

100% of these funds are used to fund the Guild of Gentlemen. 

I've chosen to only have one tier available. I chose this because I don't believe in locking some of you out who can't give more, but are nonetheless supporting the Guild. It's not about how much money you have to give but the fact that you choose to give it. What you are supporting here is endlessly rewarding, without a doubt. A renewal of order and traditionalism that is determined to influence our world. If you can give more, please make a custom pledge. 

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About Guild of Gentlemen

Our mission

The Guild’s mission has and will always be to restore Western culture and civilization. We do so by providing a solution to it’s preservation and continuation while rectifying what has been corrupted. Now you must be wondering “How do you do that?” The answer is simple but rather complex in action. Below are a few prime examples to answer that question.

Discord Server: Guild of Gentlemen actually operates three Discord servers! Two of them are the main servers for the Guild. Truly, they act as one united server for the same purpose. More can be found about that below. The third is the community of Guild Supporters that can be accessed via Patreon. 

The two main Discord servers bring men together across the Western world to improve themselves and every aspect of their life. It’s where men from all the Guild locations can constantly communicate. The Guild of Gentlemen Discord Modules can be found here. These Modules are the clear instructions on what you should, shouldn’t and will do to better your life. Leading by example and making a lasting impact on you, your loved ones and your surroundings.

The Supporter Server is a community composed of the supporters of the Guild of Gentlemen. Men and women are welcome to join! Forge bonds, find a friend, have your questions answered about the Guild and traditionalism, share your traditions and get inspired by other members. 

Nonprofits: Guild of Gentlemen has a handful of nonprofit focuses. These focuses are mainly preserving, promoting and creating classical art, architecture and music. The Guild is also involved in humanitarian efforts like disaster relief, soup kitchens and more. Occasionally the Guild will host an event or competition. No matter the cause, we’re sure to explain what the donator’s donation is for.

Physical Location:
The physical Guild has yet to come but it will be very similar to the main Discord server in the way that it’s focused on improving each man’s life. However, the physical location for the Guild will be far more in depth with its teachings and will be instrumental in our measure to restore and preserve Western culture, traditions, civilizations and morality.

You can always find more by visiting our website and reading our about page. You might also find your answer here on our FAQs.
28 of 150 patrons
At 150 patrons per month, I will remove "equipment" from the funding. 100% of the income from Patreon will then go towards establishing a physical location and marketing.
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