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This is Patreon and Here's How it Works:

I can't tell you how excited I am to finally be a creator on this platform. Patreon has allowed YouTube channels, grass roots websites, musicians and more to grow their following drastically. I've been so appreciative and lucky to come this far and I give thanks everyday for it. 

Please consider giving me one dollar (or however you much you like) per guitar lesson video that I upload to YouTube or a few bucks per month. I will continue to put my heart and soul into my guitar lessons for YOU the viewer and with your help will be able to continue doing: song requests, answering questions and helping you with learning guitar in whatever way that I can. I will be releasing at least 1 video a week. Sometimes I'll post more but for the most part, you'll get 1 new video a week. Just think about this- 1 dollar a video will get you weekly guitar lessons for 6-8 months as compared to the equivalent of TAKING JUST ONE 1 HR GUITAR LESSON ($60/hr)

Where your money goes:

Like I said earlier, I have a full-time job, family to support and all my free time goes towards working on I also have an incredible Tech support team that I have to hire for video editing needs, website design, marketing, SEO and upkeep (That is when I can't find the time to do it on my own. 

Please don't become a patron if things are tight right now - I've been there and I know what it's like - and please don't feel like this is required. It's not. My GuitarMadeEZ YouTube Guitar Lessons will always be free. They just might be a little bit better if you do ;) Or I may get to your song request faster ;) Only donate if you can, if you'd like to thank me, if you like what I do and if you want me to continue delivering high quality guitar lessons to you weekly. You guys have made my dream GuitarMadeEZ possible and at the end of the day, I do this for you.

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Remember my Martin that sounded so amazing in the videos?... Well, I stopped using it because a lot of students said it was hard for them to see exactly what frets my fingers were on because it didn't have any fret markers. A lot of lower end Martin's don't come with the standard fret markers so I'm forced to use my Alvarez which plays nice and has fret markers but is old, beat up and doesn't sound as near as amazing as the Martin does. I've got my fingers crossed we reach this goal soon. I have my eyes on a few models. Thanks!
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