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is creating a fiber arts community w/ patterns, live streams, & mentorship!
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+Stitchventure Community Server Access: Chat with me and other stitchers/makers on my Discord Server! 

+ Live Stream + Live Stream Archive Access: Watch my daily live streams or catch up on any older live streams with the archive! 

+ Free Floral Embroidery Pattern Download: Download one of my favorite floral embroidery PDF patterns! 

+ Patreon Feed Access: Get behind the scenes access to everything behind Gulush Threads (my life, my work, and more), vote in polls, and get first looks to new videos (and photos) before they get posted to Youtube and social media.

+ Swap Access: Partipate in gift swaps (a few a year) where I will pair you up with another #STITCHVENTURE member to trade goodies! 

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+ Stitchventure Pattern of the Month: Get a PDF digital download of the pattern of the month via Patreon Dashboard

+ Stitchventure Live Streams: Get access to all Stitchventure Live Streams - where I work through the pattern with you every month!

+ Promo code for discounted patterns: Get any pattern in my shop for $10 a piece (originally $18) with a special promo code! 

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+ Video Skype Session: Schedule a 45 minute session with me every month to talk shop, embroidery, social media, photography and more! Let me help you develop your craft, your social media presence, anything you can imagine! Let me be your guide!

+ Shoutouts! Get THREE shoutouts a month of your choosing: selected Gulush Youtube content, Instagram stories, Newsletter blasts, & more. Having a sale? I'll push it. Want to share your new work in progress? I'll share it! Let me be your cheerleader!

+ Stitchventure Kit: Get a 30% promo code for #STITCHVENTURE kits in my shop!

+ Follow on Instagram and Youtube! (I'll follow and engage on your channel and on social media) 

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About Gulush Threads

Gulush Threads is a hub for all things fiber arts related: embroidery, punch needle, needle felting, and more! Run by Kristen Gula, Gulush Threads will dive deep into different fiber arts mediums, work through monthly patterns via live streams, explore new products and host giveaways, make Youtube tutorials, collaborate with other artists, and create a community to foster new passions right here on Patreon! 

A second home to engage with me and other artists with similar interests! Community over competition is so very important to what I do and I want to help create a space for others to talk about passions, learn new things, and mentor each other! By becoming just a $3 patron, you gain access to our #STITCHVENTURE server where you can do just that!

You can also find mentorship, coaching sessions, live streams, and more! Just think of anything fiber arts related and we're doing it here, together! 


Hopefully, if you are here, you like my work and want to help fund it!

But, by becoming a patron you will also help fund this venture - making it possible for me (and other artists) to work together as a community to grow as artists! You will also help fund new videos, new patterns & kits, maybe even future e-courses exclusive to Patrons! The possibilities are endless and we won't know our limits until we get started (although, who says we have to limit ourselves)?! 

Not only will you join a community of like-minded people, but (depending on your tier) you will also gain a load of awesome perks! From daily live streams to monthly patterns to coaching sessions & mentorship, there is something for everyone at every budget! 

53 of 100 patrons
When we reach 100 patrons, I will begin working on an e-course (& my patrons will be the ones to decide the course)!

Intro to Floral Embroidery? Intro to Pattern Making? Advanced Floral Embroidery? My patrons will get to decide (& then, when the course is complete, they will get to take the course first & at a DISCOUNT)! 
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