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Play the DF holiday special, Last Christmas!
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Part X will be released Summer 2020! Follow for the upload announcement

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Hello, everyone! Gumdrop Games here. I'm currently developing an adult fiction visual novel.

In this decision-oriented game, you can choose one of two characters to play as and experience the same story from different perspectives. With the choices made in these dual campaigns being completely up to you, make or break the relationships with those you hold dear!

So far I've created 20 story chapters, split evenly between the two characters respectively. Each presents a series of conflicts for the characters to overcome, one way or another! Take a look...

With the game being divided by three acts in ten parts each, there's much, MUCH more to be discovered in this story. So give it a play! Only one way to find out, right?

Patreon allows a handful of wonderful, hopeful people to help me develop this project from the ground up, something that would otherwise be a very grueling and improbable task.

By pledging ANY amount once a month, you are directly supporting both this game and I, improving development immensely. I can’t thank you enough for that.

Your contribution realizes the following:
  • Upgrade computer hardware for faster rendering times, faster and more images per update!
  • Recruit additional developers to bring musical score, sound design, animation and more polishing elements into the game!
  • Allow me to work full time on game development, giving a complete investment of time and focus into producing the best game I can muster!
If you can’t support development, that is perfectly okay! You can support the project by sharing through your favorite forum, website or image board; simply spreading the word helps much more than given credit for.

I want to reiterate that this game will remain free to everyone during and after development.
If you DO choose to support, you will receive the latest update of the game before anyone else. Non-patrons gain access to the same content an additional month after patrons, but it will be free to those whom wish to wait.

Whether or not you choose to support, I truly hope you communicate to me with your feedback and constructive criticism of the game. Your collective involvement in the creative and development process will be absolutely integral for its success. After all, the game is for YOU!

Thank you!
For your faith and undying support.

Gumdrop Games

100% complete
Full-time investment into development is truly a pivotal point for this project. As of now, I've been dividing the month between my work and development, giving me blurry comprehension in when I can exactly complete an installment. If this becomes my work, crystal clarity along with faster delivery will be achievable.
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