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Bla Bla Bla: Take 4
$300 per music video
I will produce another 'bla bla bla' track for which you can suggest and vote on lyrics. I'll then create a music video with the new song as written by you (or people like you).
$500 per music video
I will release the video for "Monster" (from #22songs). We shot it. It exists.
IDGAF: The Conclusion
$750 per music video
When we left off (in 2011), Andrew was about to escape the clutches of a mysterious cloaked figure. Unfortunately, scheduling, distance, and unions prevented our crew from reuniting to shoot the final instalment of this 4-part music video. Well, with some budget, we'll finally be able to complete the storyline, which was created based on your submissions. Watch the first three parts here.
Goodbye, ads!
$1,000 per music video
I will remove pre-roll and overlay ads on all YouTube uploads.


Toronto, ON, Canada

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Hi, I'm Andrew aka gunnarolla.

I've spent the past couple of years learning how to make music and music videos with next to no time or budget - from viral hits like Canadian, Please and The Comic Sans Song, to fan-favourites like Substitute and Can't Dance

I've tried a little bit of everything: songs based on lyrics that you've submitted (see: The Foreign Language Song or The Chicken Told Me I Was Gay), songs that blend together languages and locations (see: Konkai), a collection of songs produced under a tight deadline (see: #22songs), and an entire EP of double entendres (see: My D*ck).

I've got some big ideas, I want to keep doing this, and I need your help to make it all happen. If you like my music & my music videos and you want to see more, please consider becoming a patron. For as little as $1, you can help ensure the creation of more great music videos, and gain access to downloads and other exclusive content.

Thank you!
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