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Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

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I work on Gunnerkrigg Court and comics full time now, so all pledges and support will be directly responsible for allowing me to continue working and making stories that I hope you will enjoy!
You can read Gunnerkrigg Court at

As well as the main comic, I'm working on side comics that will eventually be part of a collection that I intend to publish on my own. It will be called Beyond The Walls, and will feature stories that I've either had to cut from the comic due to brevity, or all new stories, such as the Annie In The Forest side comics (which you can read here).

I have many other plans for things in the future, both related to Gunnerkrigg and not. While I will always work on Gunnerkrigg Court until I can see it through to completion, this Patreon will help me establish a more stable income so I can really focus on my work.
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