Jacek Gabis is creating Gurgosus and other games


$1 /mo
Thanks! You will get access to my patreon stream - nothing special, nothing exclusive, just the regular info's about what am I currently doing!

Listed Gurgofriend

$2.50 /mo
Yay, thanks! You will be listed on Gurgie.eu, Gurgosus.eu etc. and at the end of my videos as a patron!

Gurgofriend sparkly

$5 /mo
Thanks for 5! The same as listed Gurgofriend, but I will make your name "sparkly".  You will look special!

You will also have access to special polls for patrons, where I will a...


Gurgofriend with an extra order of magnitude

$10 /mo
Thank you so much! For 10.00$ I will:

- send you one postcard when you start your patronage, internationaly!

- videotalk to you, once a month!

- your name will be sparkly and with ...