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Hey, riley here! My passions are all over the place, but art & writing are up there at the top. I also dabble in game dev, and I'm a prolific shitposter. Call me a jackass of all trades.

To the point: my primary output is art & writing. Later on, there may be other things too. If you like what i do and want to see more, consider supporting my work. I can't guarantee consistent output just yet, so I'm treating this as more of a tip jar for now. There are no rewards yet, but every bit's appreciated!

And finally: some of my output is nsfw, and since I am an adult, most of it deals with adult themes. There may be disturbing imagery. As a general rule, I make no attempt to tag triggers because I will inevitably forget. If you take issue with images of fat queer dicks and / or discussion of depression, dysphoria, self harm, etc, etc, I may not be your favorite creator. As always, you are responsible for your own safety. Tread carefully!

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