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My name is Dragan "Temko" Elijas and I make PC Reviews & critical content about games. Looking at mechanical competence, gameplay cohesion and a no nonsense approach to hype and corporate shenanigans.

Focused on providing the most detailed information possible to you, and to provide detailed breakdowns by asking all the questions in gaming is my passion: if you walk away - agree or disagree with my views - with a great understanding of a title then my job is well done. I strive to keep myself to the highest of quality standards in providing the most even handed and fair reviews possible so you have the best possible set of information when looking at spending your hard earned money on a game.

Its no secret i love games and that I love talking about games, playing games and, more importantly, dissecting games. But between 2 minute, 5 paragraph reviews and endless amounts of marketing campaigns that aim to confuse; I find myself wanting to make a place where clear information and well rounded opinions and discussions are given a chance to shine.

But I can only do that with your support.

Why would I support you?
Do you hate ads? Do you hate sponsored content pretending its honest critique? So do I.
By supporting GuyLogicGaming you enable me to not use ads on the content and keep it 100% free for everyone, everywhere, forever. 

I don't want to be under the thumb of some big corporation, and I don't want to feel my critique of games & the games industry exists by their good grace. The only people I want to be accountable to for my content is you. So i'm putting my money where my mouth is and letting it be your grace that decides if I get funded.

What can I expect from you?
You can expect the same content you are currently getting. I don't want to hold my content ransom to an arbitrary milestone. If i can find a way to produce it, I want all of you to be enjoying it. Whether you support me financially or not. Holding content hostage to badger you in opening your wallet would make me no better than the very industry I critique, and I actively dislike that.

This means the in-depth reviews in the forms of our Logic Review and Early Axe are going to keep coming and the Editorials in [UN]Solicited and Gaming the System will provide the same quality you've come to expect and trust. More funding means I can dedicate less time to doing other things to pay the groceries and spend more time making content for you. Pay as little or as much as you want, or pay nothing if you don't believe I deserve it. The content is just as available regardless.

But - lets be honest with each other. I will not always say things you agree with. Be it a design choice I actively dislike in a game, or a moment where philosophies and worldviews clash. Your support does not guarantee my agreement, but it does guarantee my honesty and transparency. If you choose to fund me, please be aware that my personal opinion is just that, and that I will share it even if you don't like it. Disagree with me all you like and discuss your views with me and others, because that's what I will always embrace with open arms.

In closing
Whether you fund me or not, thank you. The fact I could attempt this is thanks to you all and your support in watching, sharing and discussing video games. So sincerely: Thank you

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Coffee & Cup covered - This pays for the coffee to keep me recording and reviewing on my (irr)regular schedule. Videos made with the magic of midnight coffee and 2AM editing.
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