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About Guz Alvarez

▶️So why become a patron? You can support me on my journey as a guitarist! You will get posts about what's happening in my life and more updates about my band! If you are becoming a patron you will sure be part of a small community we build up together with exclusive content no one but you will get! We even have a skype channel where my patrons can talk to me at selected days =)
This patreon page is my way to say THANK YOU 💗 for all the amazing support you guys are giving me on my youtube channel. I surely don't take it for granted and I always work hard on my videos to get the best quality content for my subscribers. So I hope you still like the stuff I am uploading there, haha!
If you want to support me and become a part of the creating process of my channel, feel free to become a patron!
▶️ I've put up some cool rewards for you and if you have more ideas, be sure to let me know! =)

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