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These hardy, prickly plants provide essential nectar for butterflies and honey bees. By supporting me at this level, you'll help me through dry times.

In return, you'll have my eternal thanks and access to my monthly Patreon newsletter which will include reviews, book and subscription giveaways, and exclusive previews of what I'm working on.

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These beautiful blooms conceal a macabre seed pod. If you support me at this level, you'll see just how creepy my fiction can be...

As well as my Patreon newsletter, you'll receive a new 500-word horror story each month — based on prompts as voted by you!

ETA: As of March 2020, I will be writing 'tiny hopes' rather than tiny horrors. This is in response to the COVID-19 outbreak — frankly, there's enough horror in the world already.

I hope you'll join me for some cute, silly, fluffy stories.




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I'm G. V. Anderson, a World & British Fantasy Award-winning writer from the UK. My short fiction has been published in such places as Strange Horizons, F&SF, Lightspeed, and Nightmare, and has also been selected for Best of British Science Fiction and The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror.

Writing income is always unpredictable. Now that I'm moving away from short fiction to work on my first novel, paydays will be even fewer and far between. Your support will help cover writing expenses such as my website renewal and subscriptions, allowing me to focus on doing more of what I love—telling stories!
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When we reach this goal, the monthly horror story available through the Snapdragon tier will double in length, increasing from 500 to 1000 words.

($80 for 1000 words works out at $0.08 per word, which meets SFWA's new pay rate.)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts

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