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I've been a musician for most of my life. I spent years in practice rooms as a kid, passed a lot of theory exams, prepared for a career in classical music, and then took a left turn somewhere along the way and did a bunch of other stuff. 

I got my first harp when I was in my mid-20s, and I wrote my first songs in roleplaying games. Sometime in my 30s, I discovered the filk community and got involved with a little band called Three Weird Sisters, where I started writing songs in earnest. I'm influenced by traditional folk song, balladry, magic, mayhem, the interplay of darkness and light, and the way nothing feels better than a really good kiss. 

Becoming a patron means you hear new songs as they're written. Much of what I share here lets you share in the songwriting process from its bare beginnings. I post new songs and lyrics here for patrons only, and what you're doing when you support me is enabling me to carve enough time out of the rest of my life to continue doing this, writing and recording songs, at least part time. 

Right now, I'm writing a series of songs in preparation for a new album. This is exciting for me because I haven't released a solo album in, well, years. I'm really pleased with what I've been doing; it's some of the best songwriting I've ever done, and this is the place where it's all unfolding. All the new stuff is here. 
$50 – reached! per Song
When I reach the goal of $50 per song, I will make a music video. I do not promise live action or lip synching or fancy effects, but I do promise it will be topical and watchable. 
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