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About Gwen_No_Fear

Hey guys, I'm a social justice YouTuber who started her channel in the summer of 2017, and I make videos reviewing and discussing contemporary anti-SJW content. I also do video blogs, response videos, video game playthroughs and other fun videos. I do a range of long and short videos. My plan for the future is to upgrade my equipment (camera, microphone, lights, editing software, props) so that I can do some critical analysis and more complex commentaries down the road.

I'm a writer and a trans activist, so my income is somewhat limited. I always do many streams and small videos in addition to longer ones, so please enjoy those. I'm still transitioning, and as I change I have no doubt that I will document this process in my video blogs. I'll try to post updates about my financial state here as well.

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With the first upgrades to my channel, I'll be able to work on new video series and dial up the quality of those the way I want. I'll still keep up my regular content, but will be trying to save up as much as possible. You can contribute to the channel by keeping me afloat until I can make the next big upgrades!
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