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Monastery Swiftspear
per month

The reliable high-power one drop, the rank and file of any pretty Prowess deck.

I will be very grateful, since Swifty is never a bad draw :)

Enigma Drake
per month

Powerful and proud. Is never too small to not threaten to end you nex turn.

I will play a full league (or MTGA equivalent) with a deck of your choice, live on stream, along with commentary at the end of it, once every month at a day and time that suits you.

Kiln Fiend
per month

It traps an explosion within its stony skin.

Highly volatile. Handle with care.

Have me brew a deck from scratch, around a card of strategy of your liking, or perhaps analyze and modify your own brew. And then have me play it trough a league or equivalent. Once per month!




per month


Hello! I'm Daniela Díaz (known as h0lydiva), a Spanish MTG player, streamer and content creator. I'm mostly known as a brewer, always trying new decks, both my original ideas and building up on the ideas of others.

The likes of Seth Manfield, Gerry Thompson and many others have played my decks, they (and I) have been referenced in many articles and I've been credited with innovating or setting the foundations for other decks and strategies that later grew to be well known archetypes.

I've had the pleasure to see my creations being played in Pro Tours, GPs, World Magic Cup, SCG tournaments and others.

I love playing this game, I love building my own decks, and I most of all I love hearing others had fun (and at times success!) with them.

Welcome to my Patreon!

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