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Coughing spreads virus, disease and illness. Believe it or not, there has never been a peer reviewed and published, permenent cure for acute or chronic cough. (Until now!)

When you cure the cough, you stop the spread. (... and it's 
cured in mere minutes!)

Now, please help us educate the world about the only cure by-proxy, for acute and chronic cough known since 1694 as Habit Cough. The YouTube video above is an extract of the full curative video. Yes, the actual peer reviewed and published cure occurs by watching a YouTube video with a glass of body temperature water.

Until now, throughout history, there has never been a peer reviewed and published, repeatable, no-cost, drug-free and permanent cure for the diagnosed daytime acute & chronic common cough disease anywhere in the world. Some daytime, acute cough can linger for weeks. It can become daytime, chronic cough disease for months, years or even decades with only suppressants - but never a cure, - until The Weinberger Procedure by proxy.

= Chronic cough has finally been declared a disease ~ not just a symptom. =

From The European Respiratory Society (ERS): New ERS cough guidelines: A clinical framework for refining the patient management strategy (Published online 2019 Oct 25.) - “The guidelines are based on the recent paradigm shift that represents chronic cough as a disease entity with a common neurophysiological basis of vagal nerve hypersensitivity in the cough reflex pathway.”http://bit.ly/ERSChronicCoughDIsease

From Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD: Cessation (cure) of acute and chronic cough diagnosed as Habit Cough: Unexpected and unintended cure of habit cough “by-proxy”; [by watching a YouTube video] Published: August 22, 2019; DOI: http://bit.ly/CureByProxy

The 'Miraculous' Weinberger Procedure by proxy is available everywhere in the world, to provide a permanent cure from "lingering" to the most vicious bouts of acute and chronic coughing (over 20,000 coughs/day) in children and adults. This "most unique" and permanent cure is provided simply by watching a YouTube video. Hard to believe, but it is true that after all the most vicious suffering in the history of mankind, there is finally a permanent cure for this type of cough. The cure rate with proper diagnosis and recovery is almost 100%.

“In the United States, cough is the most common complaint for which patients seek medical attention and is the second most common reason for a general medical examination, accounting for more than 26 million office visits annually.” - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2013 Jan. http://bit.ly/DoctorVisitsCough

Now, imagine all the children, adults and seniors in Medically Underserved Areas/Populations & Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) in countries around the world with acute and chronic cough disease who have little to no medical help with their non-stop cough. They too will be cured in their own language, with you as a PATREON.

Rural and medically underserved parts of the world need to become educated about The Weinberger Procedure, acute and chronic cough; cure by-proxy. This is also true of major cities, suburbs, towns and villages with available medical care.

Curing the acute and chronic cough can stop the spread of post viral cough aerosol spray droplets.

Please consider becoming a PATREON of HabitCough.com to help educate about the cure for acute and chronic cough by utilizing The Weinberger Procedure by proxy.

Only through a ground swell of education with your help, will pulmonologists, pediatricians, doctors, nurses, virulogists, Infectious disease physicians, immunologists, epidemiologists, public health professionals, healthcare providers, health insurance companies, mommies, daddies & caregivers learn about how The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy permanently cures acute and chronic cough disease (known since 1694 as Habit Cough) in children and adults around the world. Cure the acute and chronic cough, and you halt cough-generated aerosol of virus and disease.

Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD does not charge any child or adult patients anywhere in the world a single penny in fees or costs. The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy is his gift to the tens of millions of hopeless, helpless and forsaken people of world who can now be cured simply by watching a peer reviewed and published YouTube video in their own language. 

The World Habit Cough Instant Cure Map LINK below displays once forsaken child, adult and senior citizen permanent cures from days, weeks to actual decades of medically unexplained chronic [and acute] cough disease (MUCC).

Medically unexplained acute and chronic cough disease is one of the main reasons for initial and continued doctor visits in every country around the world - never with a cure.

There has only been suppressive and antitussive treatments (Amazingly only honey, cough drops and nothing more is recommended per the CDC/NIH) - but never in the history of mankind has there been a repeatable & permanent acute, and chronic cough cure - by proxy; until now. The Weinberger Procedure - by proxy, is the first, and only peer reviewed and published permanent cure for medically unexplained "daytime only" chronic and acute cough. -

Thank you for your consideration. So many healthcare providers, children, adults and seniors will be educated, diagnosed, cured and fully recovered.Through your continued PATREON assistance, we will work to have The Weinberger Procedure, by-proxy translated into all the languages and dialects of the world. This will make it easy for every suffering child, adult and senior citizen to utilize the procedure in their own language.

Update 1: Bethany will begin her educational tour in the next year. Dr. Weinberger believes it is wonderful that she will travel throughout the USA and Canada (then the world) to visit teaching hospitals. Dr. Weinberger is excited that Bethany will be telling her story to new and seasoned doctors, nurses and medical providers. When you become a PATREON, you will thank and assist her by defraying the cost for her travels. Thanks, Dennis (dad)

Cure the cough and stop the viral spread! - "Thank you," Bethany

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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