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is creating affordable robots for marine conservation and research
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About Project Ladon

We at Hackerbot Labs are developing a robotic sailboat to make ocean conservation and research affordable to the oceanography community. To do this, we are building the first autonomous sailboat to sail around the world through the treacherous Southern Ocean. This challenge was chosen because we want to prove our technology is capable of handling the harshest weather and ocean conditions. With the developments of our team, we can save more than 80% of the cost of deploying a research vessel while maintain effective missions.

By being able to deploy affordable robots to the ocean, we can save on the risk to human life, the resources involved with sending people to sea, and protect waters that would be otherwise ignored. The applications of our vision include protecting endangered ocean wildlife, pollution monitoring, and delivering medical supplies to remote locations where the global economy can’t reach.

With your contribution, you can assist our efforts to realize this vision and development efforts.
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$100/mo will give us enough to pay for our ancillary costs for approximately one launch every month but minimal hardware progress. 
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