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About HackerSploit

Our Goal

HackerSploit is aimed at providing the best free Infosec & Cyber-security training on YouTube, we hope to achieve this by producing producing high quality and information rich video and text content for students and professionals around the world.
We have helped over 5,000 students around the world get a foothold in the Cybersecurity industry with our in-depth YouTube series and courses, as well as help individuals in their career changes and transitions in to the industry.
Our objective is to increase the quantity and quality of our video training with the goal of reaching more students and professionals.

$39 of $500 per month
The goal is set to expand our range of services and improve our delivery of content on various platforms and in different formats.
The funds will be used to pay for hosting and other miscellaneous charges like stock footage, graphics design, and content promotion. We will also use the funds to improve the video quality and delivery based on audience/member feedback.
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