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Social Butterfly

$1 /mo
Thank you so much, every little bit helps! I will follow you back on social media! (you must message me and tell me who you are) Patron Only Feed, and you get to participate in my polls! & Inst...

Earth Package

$3 /mo
 Here you are in the know with access to my Patreon-Blog. sometimes behind the scenes and in-the-works photos from props or costumes, blooper images or teaser images from sets everything here is SFW

Snap Access Pass

$5 /mo
Join me on Snapchar for my Patron only photo stream (no naughty bits but you get some more  risqué photos) more BTS  and teaser images images- and a mini selfie set per month--also risqué but not f...

Water- Grabbag

$8 /mo
everything above PLUS get an additional random spattering of 8-10 SFW Patreon-Only images per month. These  will be stand alone images or a couple images from a couple different sets-- may be Photo...

Fire- Chatty Cathy

$10 /mo
This tier is more way more interactive I will chat with you as well as give you personal on-the-go updates via kik or Snapchat! If you like my snapchat photo-stream you will love this tier! Plus yo...

Quartz Package

$15 /mo
everything above

*one signed digital wallpaper coming your way! This will be a hi res file with my digital signature on it!  PLUS get an additional random spattering of 8-10 NSFW Patreon-Only im...


Topaz Package

$19 /mo
MONTHLY SETS! This is the tier that gets you all of my published content as a model for the month (a few exclusions apply) PLUS Patron only Bonus Imgaes-- If I publish one set this month, you get o...

MoonStone Package

$23 /mo
All previous tiers

Want to be the first to see my new content? Want to see some of the stuff from the bygone days? With this tier you get to sneak peek (modeling) sets before they ar...


Amethyst Package

$30 /mo
 All previous tiers 

and One set EXCLUSIVE to Patreon!  PLUS a Surprise print mailed to your door every month! (anything from an instax or poloroid to an 8.5x11, may be published content or excl...


Emerald Package

$37 /mo
 All previous tiers 

 you upgraded access to my Members Only Site and instead of a random print,  you will get to choose which image you would like a print of (or a polaroid from the...


Ruby Package

$48 /mo
This is a stand alone tier that DOES NOT include physical merch. If you would like to donate at the higher tiers but dont want to give out your address.  

*Upgrade to a Premium Membership of my ...


Onyx Package

$55 /mo
 All previous tiers

This means that you will have 2 prints mailed to you a month! One Random and One Choose your Print (or two random)  This could be an 8x10, Polaroid, or a small print of a sel...


Opal Package

$75 /mo
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

 All previous tiers 

PLUS a Publication per month: Magazine or CD (some are digital only but most are physical)! (Signed if you so choose)


$77 /mo
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

THIS IS A NON-PHYSICAL TIER! for those of you who dont want to give out your addresses. You get a Hi-Res image of my choice (like the prints of your choice) as ...


Black-Diamond Package

$150 /mo
 OMG!!! YOU ARE AMAZING  You get everything listed!!!  All previous tiers

You also get an EXLUSIVE TO YOU set! Or you can request a custom set! Either way this will be a one of a kin...


3600 image archive

$1,000 /mo
i was selling my tablet with a huge archive of images in it. this tier is only available for a one time purchase of my archive, however if you would like to continue this amazing amount of support ...