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 Backing us at this tier will give you the bragging right of being an  awesome human being who is helping everyone get their hands on HADES 9.

In addition, you'll get access to our Patreon-exclusive Discord  channel where the devs will be very active, this is a much easier and  direct way of discussing ideas with devs and other major fans of HADES  9!

In addition to all of the above Patreons will also get sole access to  exclusive stories relating to Hades 9 canon which will not be released  publicly.

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About Legion Tech

Hades 9 is a MMORTS at heart.
But at its soul is a game that brings the immersion of the setting to the player.
We’re building a world where the players command both from the battle displays and the bridge, seamlessly switching between the two.
We’re bringing the combat to you.
No more faceless commanders, no more meaningless units.
Your fleet. Your battles. Your choices.

We aren’t building a game, we’re building a world. A setting with depth that will fully immerse you into the ruined galaxy of mankind’s 6th millenia. A galaxy that all of you will help shape as an Admiral of mankind’s surviving fleets.

We want you to lead your fleet through victory and disaster. We want you to guide your people through the ruined galaxy left behind by the Extinction and to do so with your Commanders, your loyal officers, fighting alongside you. We would have you walk the ruined streets of Hades 9, the last bastion of humanity, stand at the void docks as your Flagship is refitted, or watch the salvage teams work on a wreck you brought back to harbour.

We want you to experience command as never before.
Hell is real, Admiral, and you count it as safe harbour.

Those of you who choose to back us via Patreon, THANK YOU. The development of HADES 9 can use all the support you can give it, be it through financial backing, sharing the news about it, or by volunteering your time (add link to volunteer page).

As of right now, our Patreon is still a bit bare-bones but for backers there will be a Patreon exclusive Discord channel where you can reach out to the devs, in order to talk about the game, Patreon, or anything else!

We hope to add more possible rewards to our Patreon backers, so if you have any good ideas, don't hesitate to let us know! The best way to do it would be via our Discord channels, be it the Patreon exclusive one, or our general Discord channel https://discord.gg/M7gSYGF

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With this level of backing we can introduce sexy goodies from assets stores around the web to add to the game, such as special effects, shaders! More boom! More whoosh! More zap!
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