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About Hahn Rose

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my name is Hahn. i am an aspiring illustrator and general arts and craft making human. i draw cute and wholesome things because i like making people smile. i also create things because it's how i enjoy expressing myself and spreading important messages. i am also developing more conceptual ideas i.e comix and t-shirts around social issues e.g. feminism, anarchism, animal rights, queer and trans freedom and just being a better person like unlearning fatphobia, ableism and racism. because i believe wholesome imagery and strong significant messages are a terrific combination.
more about myself ~ i am at level 28, i reside in Birraranga/Melbourne in Victoria, so-called Australia. i am a white, queer, faggy, nonbinary transboy combatting depression, anxiety and capitalism with friendship, self-actualisation, candy, skateboarding and bike riding, appreciating nature, playing guitar and watching cartoons. i live in public housing on centrelink (welfare) with two beautiful cats named Charlie and Homie. we have a nice time, we've all lived together in the same unit for the past 5 years. 

i want to help change the way people think and feel by making them smile for a moment, or if they relate to something i make and it empowers them, then that's even more amazing. if anything i create comforts, warms a heart, teaches a lesson, solidifies a statement to someone then my work has done what it set out to do.

maybe you will like to help me achieve these dreams and ongoing projects. it means so much to me, knowing people want to support me financially and artistically, enabling me to further my creativity, advocacy and community building.

thank you for reading. peace!

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