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About Haight St Commons

This is an experiment in group mutual aid, in being greater than the sum of our parts, and applying that surplus to help support others interested in doing the same.  

We are a group of over 700 people interested in serving the local community, funding people and projects that are building a better society for all people.

We pledge to give this fund to projects, proposals or people who will use it to:
  • To help further the local community
  • For projects that are aimed at creating a better society for all people
  • For projects that are aimed at experimenting with new or different ways of sharing, gifting and providing mutual aid
  • To fund some projects that serve philanthropic purposes that alleviate short term issues, but also to fund those that aim for lasting change.

Who gets to decide what happens to the money?
Anyone in the Haight St Commons group who expresses interest in voting and is willing to fill in a short profile form. This ensures that a) one doesn’t need to donate to have a voice, and b) that one has to care enough to join the group in order to influence where the fund is spent.

What are the Commons, and what is Commoning?
"In facing up to the many profound crises of our time, we face a conundrum that has no easy resolution: how are we to imagine and build a radically different system while living within the constraints of an incumbent system that aggressively resists transformational change? Our challenge is not just articulating attractive alternatives, but identifying credible strategies for actualizing them. 'Commoning' refers to acts of mutual support, conflict, negotiation, communication and experimentation that are needed to create systems to manage shared resources. This process blends production (self provisioning), governance, culture, and personal interests into one integrated system.

Commoners are focused on reclaiming their “common wealth,” in both the material and political sense. They want to roll back the pervasive privatization and marketization of their shared resources—from land and water to knowledge and urban spaces—and reassert greater participatory control over those resources and community life. They wish to make certain resources inalienable—protected from sale on the market and conserved for future generations. This project—to reverse market enclosures and reinvent the commons—seeks to achieve what state regulation has generally failed to achieve: effective social control of abusive, unsustainable market behavior."

$108.68 of $500 per month
Well done us, our first couple of months looked really good. Let's try and get 50 people to commit to $10 a month for Jan. 
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