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Shaily Hakimian

Creating "connecting friends through entertainment and inspiration"

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If you are a monthly patron for $5 a month during the time of my event, you get free admission.

This essentially gets you a half priced ticket to my bimonthly event extravaganza. I bring in speakers, entertainers, games, and munchies to bring a smile to your face.

*This charges $5 every month. If you only want a ticket for 1 event during a particular month, remember to cancel. If you don't cancel, I will take it as a contribution to continue to create what I do. I do not do refund, but will definitely send good karma back to you. 

Good Karma!

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You will actually get insight on what I am up to every month

Be in touch

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let's touch base and see how you are doing. I know I cannot keep track of everyone in my life, let me make you a priority. 




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About Shaily Hakimian

Hello friends! You are probably seeing this because you know me personally and have participated in one of my wild events, gotten connections from me, been my friend, heard me speak, or something else. THANK YOU! Thank you for trusting me and for all the support. 

So what is this? A chance for you to financially back me. It's early. I don't know what value I can give back to you right away. Just know you will have my appreciation. If you have any ideas, I am all ears. 

Have I done something amazing for you and you just don't know how to "pay me back?" You can love on me back by backing me on here. 
$0 of $18 per month
WOW! I have raised enough to count towards LIFE and by life I mean the number 18. The number 18 means life when written in Hebrew letters. 

As some people know, I don't self-promote much of any of the cool things I do. If I get $18 here, I will share out on a social media platform that I am using Patreon.
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