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Welcome to my Patreon! 

My name is Kristina N. and I go by the alias Haku on my social media. I am the creator of the webcomic Cape of Spirits, which you can find soon re-launching on Webtoons. If you are interested in supporting me through my online store, here is my Etsy! 

What is
Cape of Spirits about?
With a tremendous bounty on his head, a fugitive is captured by a pair of vengeful familiar faces. An unlikely partnership is born through their connection with an ancient coin...but can they learn to put aside their differences to fight a common enemy?

About Me
In 2015, something major happened in my life that prompted me to finally pick up an old story I've put in the back burner for years. I've learned that I can't go anywhere if I don't get a head start in the first place. Not wanting to disappoint myself or my mentors, I made a decision. By March 2016, I debuted Fictional Skin...and in Fall 2018, Cape of Spirits won the Webtoons 2018 contest and started a new path for me in webcomics. 

Why Become a Patron?
Since Cape of Spirits is now a featured Webtoon, any additional support would be AMAZING!! I will use funds from patreon primarily to get more assistance and help for this series, and my goal is to give you good and quality content. In return you will get cool rewards like access to my thought process posts, sneak peaks of upcoming episodes, HD mobile wallpapers and more!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 105 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 105 exclusive posts

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