is creating abstract painted mind maps inspired by our emotions in cities
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12 artworks on paper 12 x 8 inches
Limited (50 of 50 remaining)
per month
  • 12 months collaboration
  • 3 to 7 emotions
  • 3 to 5 locations
  • 3 to 5 situations
  • Invitation to part of the creative process
  • Exclusive studio visit, invitation for exhibitions, updates & behind the scenes
6 artworks on paper 12 x 8 inches
Limited (75 of 75 remaining)
per month
  • 6 months collaboration
  • 3 to 5 emotions
  • 2 to 3 locations
  • 2 to 3 situations
  • Invitation to part of the creative process
  • Exclusive studio visit, invitation for exhibitions, updates & behind the scenes




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About halaburda

Do you want to represent your emotions?

Are you interested to bring memories into a unique abstract art piece?

Are you sensitive to unconscious relationships
perceived in cities between us?

Do you want to participate directly to my creative process
and receive as result of our collaboration a unique artwork?

In order to visualize the perceived effects
of the impact of urban space on our emotional life,
I invite you to share your emotions with me
and create together a unique piece of art
only dedicated to you. 

Let's make it and have a collective show.
Let's work on geographic abstraction :)


Who am I?

I am Philippe Halaburda, a French born artist and I have been painting since more than 20 years.

  • Day by day, I develop my personal style and decline it on different artistic or commercial purposes. I am an independent artist, which means I manage my career - financially and artistically - by myself.

Where am I?

I am based in New York working interconnected emotions through abstract maps.

  • I have engaged my whole life in it and decided to move to NY in 2016 to be fully in it and to take my career on the next step. I was represented by US galleries until 2018, not anymore today. It gives me the opportunity to consider different ways to be more interactive and
    close to my audience.
  • That's why I join the Patreon community: with your participation and your support, I will create specific artworks only for you.

What am I doing?

Based on feelings or memories, my work process delves into the complex undercurrents of intimate and collective interconnections mainly in cities.

  • The blurry boundary between perception and experience always inspired me:
    I am interested in the randomness of emotions through art  by imaging abstract images based on the subconscious.
  • I form disaggregated grids and imaginary topographical maps that explore all kind
    of interactions in urban environments, instead of addresses and landmarks.
  • Because I express my own perception based on emotions, feelings or memories in the location where I am living, I realized after so many years of practice that it was mainly for the viewer, which means YOU BEHIND YOUR SCREEN :)!

What am I offering you?

I give you the opportunity to express your own emotions and enter my creative process: you will get an original piece on paper of this collaboration.
Imagine if we have enough great artworks from each of you, we can all organize a collective show in a physical art space.

  • We all feel these perceptions of unconscious interconnectedness in a city. Some people more than the others. I want you to join me and collaborate here.
  • Because we are all feel that, I want you to take part to the creative process, assimilate it, try it  and make it yours: we will create an art piece only with and for you.
  • I have the skill to directly express them through my art: I can paint them with colors
    and strokes through a specific aesthetic and attractive process.
  • I can follow your requests, your notes and make an art piece for you or if you can also participate if we are living in the same city.
  • Write your emotions, location, colors and name.


Share your emotions with me

My project focuses on a well-chosen set of the 7 following emotional axes:
  1. excitement + boredom
  2. joy + sadness
  3. fear + confidence
  4. pride + shame
  5. loneliness + connectedness
  6. desire + apathy
  7. anger + contentment

Give me matter to create art with your and for you

Here, you re taking the lead: you can share the following points and  I will create an art piece or even a series:
  • the emotion you want to share
  • your  location, city or nature
  • your cultural background
  • your gender, age & familial situation

What do you get?

You can choose 2 different size of paper for your creation:
  • a unique art piece on white paper 24 x 19 inches - 61 x 48 cm
  • a unique art piece on white paper 12 x 8 inches - 31 x 23 cm

You can choose the quantity of artworks:
  • 1 unique piece (1 month order)
  • 3 pieces (3 months order)
  • 6 pieces (6 months order)
  • 12 pieces (12 months order)


Who are you?

  • You are a person who is interested in art. How it can impact - as better as possible - your life and make it less unbearable or more meaningful. 
  • You collect or just like to have a unique, a "sur-mesure" artwork done for you,
  • You want to support reasonably the life of a living artist.
  • You want to understand my artistic process, follow my evolution as artist and maybe meet for a drink, a studio visit or be invited to the next show.
  • You are living in a city and you want to express how you feel connected to your location.
  • You want to make art and be helped, directed or supported.

Where are you?

  • If you re living in NYC, you re more than welcome to meet at the studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
  • If you re all over the world, I will come to you by mail with all the steps to follow and collaborate.
  • If you re in another planet, that's much better!


Ready to start now?

  • If you re living in NYC, you re more than welcome to meet at the studio in Brooklyn.
  • You can choose one of the original artworks on paper available or directly give the information for me to make it. 
  • If your proceed online, simply follow the steps on this page.
  • Looking forward to reading your requests :)


If you like this innovative idea, support me:)
Please, visit my artist portfolio about geographic abstraction

Everyone who join me as a patron member will have the opportunities
for feedback my art, share some new subjects
and get original art commission me.

Thanks to everyone, Philippe :)

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post