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About Haleks

Hello! I'm Haleks, and my gig is making mods for video games, mainly Arma 3. I am most known for the Ravage Mod, a post-apocalyptic modification à la Dayz, and I also made some experimental content, exploring various ideas such as alien invasions or paranormal scenarios. Turning Arma into something different became an obsession over the years, and I enjoy sharing my creations with the community.

I discovered the Arma series with Operation Flashpoint on console, and then Arma 2 on PC, falling in love right away with the tremendous modding community and content. The sandbox nature of the Arma games makes it the perfect playground for modders, allowing a wide variety of content, potentially miles away from the military simulation the series is known for.

Creating and sharing content is the pulsing heart of Arma, and naturally, I took the decision early on to make my most ambitious projects, such as Ravage, to be as easy-to-use as could be and provide mission making tools for everyone, regardless of their scripting/programming knowledge. Three years after the initial release, the Ravage Mod has hundreds of missions and campaigns on the Steam Workshop alone. It is a genuine joy to see people around the world playing their tailored vision of the game and telling their own stories through the mod.

However, even if modding is at the center of the success of the Arma series, it remains a passion - and as such is subject to "real life" contingencies. Patreon has become the most tangible way to help artists today, offering opportunities to further support content creators. Creating content is time consuming, and I (along with many modders) have dozens of projects on the shelves, waiting to be finished. I want to keep sharing content and tools with the comminuty, and I believe Patreon is the perfect opportunity to keep doing so without neglecting my livehood. A tangible support will allow me to keep working on original creations and aim for better quality.

 What do you get in return ? 

All Patreon supporters are entitled to private access to Work-in-Progress content and updates. I set two tiers to get things started, those might evolve later. Supporters will be able to download WIP builds and early-access versions. By supporting me via Patreon, you are also directly contributing to better quality content and more frequent releases.

 The stuff I do : 

If you're not familiar yet with my work, here are some of my recent projects :

Ravage has been my main project for years, it is very much in the vein of DayZ and the many mods that followed Rocket's vision. Ravage, however, is designed with a different state of mind : where many survival mods are made in a rigid framework only advanced scripters can tweak to their liking, Ravage is a user-friendly addon anyone can use, regardless of scripting knowledge, to tailor the game. The mod includes several showcase scenarios, but the must important features are its mission making tools : a set of easy-to-use modules for the Eden Editor, with built-in support for the most popular mods (RHS, Iron Front, CUP, Frith's Ruin and more). In a matter of minutes, you can create your own survival scenario, on any terrain, with or without zombies, radiations, random NPC patrols among many other features.

Derelict is mostly a texture replacement addon : it gives vanilla structures a more decrepit look to better suit the abandonned atmosphere of vanilla terrains. Although it was made with Ravage and future projects in mind, it is a good addition to any scenario taking place during the events of Arma 3 : its islands usually are deserted by the local population, with many uninhabited towns and villages.

Contact is a 100% vanilla scenario, showcasing how to turn a bunch of rocks into a fully functional alien UFO. As you might know, Arma 3 was once supposed to be about alien invasions; things didn't go that way though. I thought it would be a good challenge to create a hostile UFO without proper assets. The result is a 100% scripted spaceship reacting to threats and fully working with Arma 3 : NPC units will engage and destroy it if they can.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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