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About j.e.pittman

Find more of my stories published at www.halfacrepond.com

Also, my new book, 98 Rabbits, is now up for sale on Amazon

What's it about, you ask?

It's a nonsensical farce, to be sure, an assemblage of words chronicling a journey of writing, and reading, and some rabbits. Smatterings of fiction appear along with the beginnings of a fantastical sci-fi odyssey.

But truly, it's the writer's journey and a bit of therapy for the maddening author in which they will find a bit of empathy and a lot of encouragement.

Let past me talk to future you in a trans-temporal phenomenon which defies description, best experienced again and again.

Do something future-you will thank you for, for once, and become a Rabbit!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts