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About halfandhalfonthego


#halfandhalfonthego is a Social Media Campaign that aims to showcase entrepreneurs, community organizations, community and multi-cultural events, and the City of London in general.
Each "aspect" is presented via a 30-second video that will be streamed on the #halfandhalfonthego Channel, our Patreon Channel, YouTube Channel, IG, Facebook, and all our Social Media Platforms.

Creating a video could be beyond the reach of most small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and community volunteer organizations. Our approach enables these groups to have online exposure at no cost.

There is a two-fold approach to funding:

A) Sponsors and community grants.
B) Individuals and Organizations can access the channel for free, but they are welcome to support this campaign through our tiers.

By supporting this campaign you are supporting local, you are giving the opportunity to an entrepreneur, an artist, a community organization, to our community, to grow, to be stronger. We need your support so we can continue working on this project, for our community, for our future, so let’s work together!
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We want to be part of the InnovationWorks in London, but we need $100 ($125CAD approx.) so we can have access to a share space and meeting room hours where we can get ready for our videos and at the same time being exposed to new businesses and projects from the co-tenants and downtown neighbours.
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