Hal laren is creating Digital Comic Art


$1 /creation
For just $1 (£0.72p) you can gain access to my Patreon Wall where you can see the following: 

*illustrations in Progress Pics/ WIP

*Random images and posts

*A Look Into Life

*See New image plans

$2 /creation
$2 a month you will have my undying gratitude and access to my Patreon activity stream where you can see all that goes on!


$10 /creation
you'll get all of the above plus: 

* Access to a couple of images 

  from Exclusive Sets.

* Pledge for a full year and receive 

   A3 exclusive print bundle 




$25 /creation
* Everything in the lower tiers plus an aditional 5 A3 prints of   my artwork every month. 

* Overseas Patrons, please pledge $5
  more to cover shipping costs*   

Damb :)

$100 /creation
$100 :O oh my Thank you so much for donate such a amazing

amount. Everything from above and a total of 12 prints

plus A copy of my Large Art book (The Art of the Reaper) 



$400 /creation
$400 :O my head just feel off you are amazing find someone close and tell them how amazing you are and if they dont beleive you tell them I agree with you. 

 *  Everything from above...