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About Hall of Heroes

Hall of Heroes started as a passion project and a direct response to a lack of available Marvel Champions LCG content. In February of 2020, we hit 100,000+ visitors in just under two months. That's incredible!

As of mid-2020, we hit one million views! That's even more incredible! By the end of 2020, we hit over three million views! And at the end of 2021, we had over 10 million views. Thank you! Plus, we are expanded into another LCG that is lacking a unified resource: Arkham Horror LCG. In 2021, we launched Hall of Gondor, a Lord of the Rings LCG site that similarly filled gaps in existing coverage, Hall of United, a resource for Marvel United, and Hall of Rangers, a resource for Earthborne Rangers.

It's progressed to the point where tens of thousands of people are visiting it every week, and some housekeeping is in order. Most notably, fees to keep the sites ad free, hosting fees, and ever-growing card database costs as more expansions are released. We are launching a Patreon to help with hosting fees. To pay it forward to the community, we've already covered multiple years worth of no advertisements for the site, which was one of the most-requested concerns from readers. We never got any money from these: they were Wordpress ads and we had to pay to remove them to keep the user experience smooth.

Since then we've uploaded every card to the site, even new releases as soon as possible:

We've written blogs focusing on how to extend the life of the game if you're getting bored:

We've collected nearly every official FFG ruling to date, often rulings for packs that aren't out yet:

We have up-to-the-minute release dates for Marvel LCG, including potential retail rumors/leads:

We've collected all of the resources available beyond Hall of Heroes, to spread the love:

All of this is free and will always be free. We only ask that a small fraction of the people who regularly visit the site help us on Patreon at the minimum rate of $1 per month. Over time we can recoup the hosting/domain fees and the WordPress fees.

If that goal isn't met, that's okay! We'll continue to pay with our wallets (buying and reporting each pack) and our sweat equity to keep the site updated with all of the content you see above. This site isn't going anywhere, and we will continue to operate even after the game has had its run: hopefully years from now. A few of us have even picked up side gigs to keep this running.

Hall of Heroes is not a for-profit venture: it is solely maintained to support the Marvel Champions community. We greatly appreciate your support and will be here throughout the lifetime of the game.

Patreon or not, we'll always be available as a database for players.

Thanks for listening and using the site!
-The Hall of Heroes team
$106.02 of $120 per month
With 120 Patrons pledging $1 a month, Hall of Heroes can continue to pay annually to remove ads from the site forever and cover additional hosting fees (including the rising custom content hosting, which was introduced in early 2020); in perpetuity after Patreon fees for Hall of Heroes, Arkham Horror LCG site Hall of Arkham, Lord of the Rings LCG site Hall of Gondor, and Marvel United site Hall of United!

Regardless of whether or not this goal is met, all sites will continue to be a resource for every card, as well as a blog and a rule collection tome for new and veteran players for the lifetime of the aforementioned LCGs and beyond.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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