is creating minecarft server and videos
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Boomers are the only tier. Boomers are existence itself. 

- I will make a video every month giving a shoutout to all the new patrons.

- More benefits coming soon, hopefully. (Maybe a rank on the server that gives you a "Boomer" prefix on the server or something, idk. Still working it out)




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About HallucinatoryMenu

whats up my name is HallucinatoryMenu (I got that name from a random generator). I make videos sometimes on youtube and run a minecarft server. The main thing that this patreon focuses on is the minecarft server. I run a really great minecarft server called boomersonly (boomersonly.mc.gg), a java edition minecraft server for 20 year old boomers.

Right now the server is really trash and its just vanilla because i threw it together as a joke. If people are interested, though, I want to improve it. And obviously improving it takes $$$ (more player slots, RAM, etc). So here you are. You have a job and money right? Well fork it over.

Basically, if you give me money, it will be used to both make me rich and also keep the server going. Pretty cool huh?

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