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Triple patron status! At this level, you get early access to chapters (3 days of chapters, half a week).
This also gives you more weight when deciding what series to produce.
Plus, my heart will grow three sizes*

*I sure hope it doesn't grow, that's bad.
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At this level, you gain access to chapters 1 week ahead! Please don't spoil things for anyone else, though. That's not nice.

You also get free downloads for e-books of any novels I release... once I actually get to that point. 
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About Halosty

Hi! I'm on Patreon because I want to allow my work to be free/available to everyone, but I also want to make a career out of writing. As I reach various monthly goals I will be adding weekly chapters. 
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At this level, rent is more or less covered (Yay!). I can't promise much else except to continue writing to the best of my ability.
At the current moment, I'm committed to writing 10 chapters/week for a total of 15000 words or more.
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