Halosty is creating Webnovels

$1 /mo
Access to the patron-only feed. This currently will contain interesting (to me) facts about various stories. There may also be other things eventually.

$3 /mo
Triple patron status! At this level, you get early access to chapters (2 days of chapters, which means that the Monday and Tuesday chapters will be available Thursday and Friday).
This also give...

$5 /mo
At this level, you gain access to chapters 1 week ahead! Please don't spoil things for anyone else, though. That's not nice.

You also get free downloads for e-books of any novels I release (...

$100 /mo
This one is mostly a joke. Unless you're super rich, don't even consider this. However, if you decide to support me at this level, I can add another chapter per week of whatever story you want (Tha...