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One ponut
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  • Eternal gratitude: For those who are generous and awesome af and just want to support.
  • Take part in polls: Not a thing... yet.
  • You get one smart ponut. That’s a start.
Two ponuts
per month
  • Early access to every new animation and picture.
  • All edits, such as character swaps.
  • Eternal gratitude
  • Take part in polls  (not yet)
  • The white ponut moans passionately as you pull out a butt plug decorated with diamonds and start savoring.
Three ponuts
per month
  • Work in progress previews (not yet, but someday)
  • Early access
  • All edits
  • Eternal gratitude
  • Take part in polls  (not yet)
  • You have eaten the blue ponut out for no longer than twenty seconds, when it starts pulsating wildly. Curiously, your chest gets soaked with marecum.




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About Haltie


I'm Haltie and I love animating naughty stuff. When you pledge, you are helping me animate more, since I have to waste less time on other stuff. Any support is greatly appreciated, but not required. Every finished piece is going to be free eventually.

What you will get here:
  • Early access to at least one finished animation/month
  • Occasional edits/extra
  • All content in the highest quality (1600*1600 or higher)

Planned features:
  • Vote characters
  • Work in progress previews

Thank you for visiting!

Note that I charge up front to avoid credit card scammers. This means you are charged when you sign up, and then at the beginning of each month.

$375 of $1,000 per month
When I get 1 000 $/month, I can drop everything else I'm doing and concentrate on just animating.
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