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Who we are.

The Travelling Kimono design and create beautiful handmade garments that reflect quality, style and comfort, while also supporting women to be the best version of themselves.
Our collections are designed in Noosa QLD by Co-founders Janelle Rawlins and Nicki Edmiston and refined by our head seamstress, Men in Vietnam; along with our small team of ladies who hand make each garment using high quality, sustainable and where possible recycled fabrics.
We've spent time with these women and we know that they're as committed to the slow fashion movement as we are.
All our collections are exclusively limited, with sometimes up to only 30 garments of each design being made. This guarantees the highest degree of quality for each garment and also adds to the exclusivity of each garment - making it far less likely to end up as landfill.
We live and breathe our ethos ofEco. Sustainable. Limited.And we’re continually making changes to curate and refine our practices in every area of our business.
Some of our eco-practices include:
- We only use deadstock fabric (the ends of leftover and unwanted fabric rolls).
- We aim to source the most natural, organic fabrics possible.
- We use our own fabric waste to make head scarves, scrunchies and kids clothing.
- We’re completely plastic free.

What’s the true cost of a garment?

It’s not just about the money you spend. It’s also the impact your new garment has on the planet, the cheap labour used to make it, the pollution we create when we throw it away and the impact that generations after us will feel.
Fast fashion is NOT an eco conscious choice.
On average, 80 billion new garments are produced globally every year. Fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil. We all need to make responsible decisions today that positively impact the planet for tomorrow. Which is why we refuse to mass-manufacture and instead have each garment handmade using sustainably sourced fabrics. We pay a fair wage and the quality of our pieces still blows us away, 7 years down the line.

Why are we running this kickstarter?

Something we’ve been most proud of from the very beginning is The Travelling Kimonos commitment to social responsibility through ethically transparent processes.
When we first started out, we chose to produce all our garments in Vietnam. But we didn’t want to align ourselves with the factories or manufacturers who failed to share the same ethical values and vision that we’re trying to create.
That was when we were connected to Men, our head seamstress. It seems like a strange thing to say, but we still know all our seamstresses by name and they're now part of our family. This is something unique in the world of clothing manufacturing and something we're extremely proud of.
However at the moment, we can only employ 3 ladies as we don’t have the space, equipment or resources. And because each of our garments are handmade, the manufacturing process is so much longer. Meaning that we need to start working on our collections almost a year in advance.
So we’re wanting to increase our financial resources so that we don’t put any unnecessary pressure on our seamstresses. And so that we may create a space and community that empowers and supports women through employment.

How will the money make a real difference?

  • We want to create a new space for our garments to be produced, where our workers will feel safe, comfortable and valued. The space will be eco-friendly and will also provide baby minding services, food on site and even english lessons.
  • We could increase the number of ladies we’re able to employ - at a fair wage!
  • We plan to invest in new machines for them to work with; and create storage facilities for their product to be stored.
  • Ideally we’d love to buy a building to use as a workplace and warehouse - because renting in Vietnam is not cheap!
  • We want to disrupt the manufacturing industry. We want to redefine the meaning and make it known that it’s unacceptable for sweatshops to be operating.
  • We want to initiate change through mentorship. Through our warehouse, we plan to open the doors to anyone like us who wants to take their brand to the next level but are unsure how to start the process of upscaling, while still staying aligned with their fair trade ethos.
  • We want to disrupt the fashion industry. We hope to create a platform for other creatives by giving them access to our resources, team of seamstresses and space in our warehouse to “manufacture” their brand.
  • Our ultimate goal is to own and run a female driven manufacturing powerhouse!


Let’s talk money...

As part of our ethical standing, we plan to be 100% transparent in any distribution of our funds raised. We truly believe that every dollar will make a difference in achieving our goal to create a safe and empowering workspace for our team.
To start the process, we’d need a minimum $40,000. And to be really successful in setting up a conscious manufacturing warehouse, we’d need hundreds of thousands.
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