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Wow, no seriously wow,  Thank you..  I have a stack of stickers right here, and let met turn one over... You know what, its got your name on it!  As a thank you for this level of support, I'll send you a Hands on CNC Vinyl sticker; at roughly 3" by 4" (75mm x 100mm) they look great on laptops, CNC machines, tool crates, just about anywhere.  And again, yah! thank you :-)




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About Hands on CNC

With Hands on CNC I had one goal, help share and grow my passion for digital fabrication. As a fulltime software developer for a living, bridging the digital and the physical world became very compelling to me.  Between work and a loving family with two minions and a supportive partner, I carve out time to go to my garage to work on my CNC machines, make new things, and most importantly share those stories.   

I won't lie, I am still finding my way in this space, but as my intro says. its an addiction :-)

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