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About Hang Massive

Hello and welcome to our Patreon page! 
We are Hang Massive and since 2010 we have been playing music based around the incredible instrument known as Hang and Handpan. We have released albums and EPs, many YouTube videos and more recently we have been touring all over the world. Our music has spread globally as a result of an epic response to previous music videos that we have posted. 

In the future we want to be able to create many more incredible music videos and for that we would love your help. With your support we can create music videos of an ever increasing quality, beauty and level of epicness. We are releasing a new album very soon and already have many new tracks that we would love to create videos for. The first video from the album is released already. 

We are at this point totally independent. We have self organised and promoted our own tours, we have funded our albums through crowd funding campaigns and we have done, and continue to do a serious amount of work ourselves. Without the support of a record label we are responsible for all aspects of our band in addition to the making of music and music videos. 

Anybody supporting us here via our Patreon page will enable us to keep on doing what we are doing and doing that to an always increasing level of quality.  

Thank you do much for supporting our mission.

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