Hannah Johnson

is creating illustrative prints and cute gifts
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About Hannah Johnson

Hi there!

My name is Hannah and I own Hanmade Illustrations, creating cute illustrations and gifts from my home studio in Oxfordshire, UK

After a lot of consideration, I've decided to set up a Patreon, for anyone who wishes to gain some extra access and behind the scenes bits and bobs from my life as an illustrator, with some special treats along the way! It will be a huge help when funding new art supplies I may need, which I can then review for you!

If you like what you see and fancy helping out, there are currently a few rewards to choose from and I hope to develop these, depending on how they go. Supporting my page will mean I'll be able to release more into my shop, produce exclusive products and content just for you as well as giving you early access to lots of new things. Even if you don't wish to get involved, thank you so much for checking my page out!

Hannah x

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