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I'm so glad you took the time to stop by and I hope you will consider supporting me! Ever since opening my Patreon in 2017, it's allowed me to make some big changes in my life. Thanks to all you lovely HArtists, I was able to leave my 9-5 and become a full-time freelance artist! And I am so happy!! I can finally do what I love all day, everyday, which means all the time in the world to create content for you guys!

If you choose to support me, you will get a number of different rewards exclusive to you! These include:
  • prints delivered to your door 
  • a 20% discount code for my online store when you join
  • downloadable prints
  • insights into my designs, including back views and the inspiration behind their creation
  • early access to all my work
  • commissions
  • exclusive costume designs that you can cosplay to your heart's content!

So what does your money get spent on?
Mainly, it goes towards supporting my day-to-day life, paying bills and maintaining by business, which includes buying ink, paper and merchandise. It's also allows me to buy equipment, such as my printer, scanner, tablet and camera! Without the support from Patreon, I would have to find another full-time job, which would not allow me to create art at my current capacity.

You can sign up for as little as $1 a month! You can cancel this anytime, and can adjust your fee whenever you please.

More Information about Prints and Commissions
Physical rewards are sent out every 3 months. These months are: March, June, September and December

I offer one commission slot a month where I will work with you to design any costume of your choosing! This is currently the ONLY place you can commission me! The slot is filled up quickly and opens on the 1st of every month, unless otherwise stated by me in a post.

I hope this platform serves as a place where you can not only support my business, but where you can be inspired and rewarded too!

Thanks for stopping by <3 
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In this tier you will receive:

     1. WORK IN PROGRESS pictures of all my designs, including Patreon Exclusive Designs!

     2. Access to my BLOG FEED and POLLS, where I discuss the inspiration behind designs, upcoming projects, and other misc ramblings!

     3. EARLY ACCESS to all my public designs!

     4. An ETSY COUPON CODE that is valid forever and exclusive to Patreon!

Design Divas
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If you're a cosplay fanatic you will love this tier! 

You'll get:

     1. All of the rewards from the previous tier!


Detail Duty
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Want a better insight into my designs? Then this is the tier you're looking for!

You get:

     1. The BACK AND DETAILS to the Patreon exclusive design of the month (and sometimes other characters!)

     2. Any useful links for fabrics, patterns and props for you potential cosplayers - where available!

     3. All rewards from previous tiers!

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Witchtober: Limited Edition
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Limited for October only! 

- A4 Signed Witchtober Zine - the only place you can grab one this sized and signed!

- Selected Downloadable Witchtober Prints

- All Lower Tier Rewards

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*I ship prints every March, June, September and December

Toil and TroubleSpecial Offer • 15 days left
Grab yourself a signed A4 zine based on my Inktober illustrations!

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