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I am not the same to have seen the moon shine on the other side of the world. - Mary Anne Radmacher

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I hope your month is full of awesomeness. You deserve it. Thank you for supporting your favorite unicorn gypsy artist. A dollar is a magical thing, it goes towards paper, pencils, paint, canvases and more than anything dog treats for my Pig Cow Shark Aja Maria.

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"Every adventure requires a first step."

-Cheshire Cat 

Full access to Hannah Go Beep Beep , and even add inspiration to the artwork. 

Inspire a soul swirl, animal kingdom portrait, or a painting concept! Who are you?

  • What is your favorite animal and what are its characteristics that you admire? 
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  • Where in the world would you most like to wander?




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About Hannah Go Beep

Welcome to my Patreon Page!
Some of you know me from my Facebook and instagram as Art by Hannah Maria, and others from following the Hannah Go Beep Beep blog. This Patreon will essentially combine the two worlds. So for those of you that don't know,  I am Hannah Maria and I have been traveling this crazy country in my Winnabego, affectionately named, Winnie the Road Unicorn. Along with my 2 rowdy road dogs, Aja the Vicious Thug Jesus Maria, and Frankie Doodle the cutest chihuahua in the world. I create beautiful and unique illustrations, paintings and graphic design for people across the country.  With your help I will be able to keep doing this and bring fun and pretty things to you!
What is Patreon?
Patreon is the new modern way for you to become a patron of the arts. Think back to your art history classes, of those well to do masses demanding their portraits be painted by Da Vinci and Rapheal… Are you imagining yourself wearing a fantastic wig? Good I’m proud. Patreon has created a community where not only can the patrons (you) fund a creator's(me) endeavors, but they also reap the benefits.  Every patron has a choice in the amount they would like to fund on a monthly basis, and based on what tier you choose, you receive my pretty things, blog posts, random thoughts and general Hannah Maria'ness magic from me.

What can you expect from my Patreon Page
  • ARTWORK, that's really why you are here right?
  • Pretty things, I love beautiful places, things, people, animals and life moments and I want to capture and share those moments with you.
  • Honesty, like many if not all artists, we are a fickle wildly emotional bunch, and our art is linked to our emotions in an undeniable bond.
  • Hopefully Regular blog posts following my travels in Winnie the Road Unicorn
  • Current projects, and exclusive images of the thoughts and ideas for future projects.
  • Funny moments in my life, wandering, living and working with 2 dogs and my own brain fueling me.
Welcome to my Patreon Page!

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When I reach 10  patrons, I would like to create more incentives, such as packages of prints, stickers or other Hannah Maria based artwork. As well as incentives I love to have a Q&A about life on the road, my artwork or any other questions patrons might have for me. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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