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Off the bat we would like to thank you for visiting our patreon page, that in itself is kind. So, what is this all about?

Lee (the lady of the boat) and myself (Paul) are just another mad middle aged couple trying to escape the rat race and live a more peaceful, creative life floating in a ditch in a metal box. We have always been a pretty frugal couple who value creativity, love and life over money and possessions. That is not to say we don't work hard, we most certainly do and have done so all of our working lives but now we want to live a more frugal meaningful existence aboard our Narrowboat.

Many people enjoy the exploits we cover on our video channel, the words and pictures we share on our blog and our activities over the social networks. We love sharing out thoughts, creating things, fixing stuff and generally messing around on the canal. However, now that we have escaped the rat race we don't have access to broadband or any of the other luxuries associated with living in a brick box so we have to rely on mobile data from here on and that gets expensive when uploading big video files for your enjoyment (and ours too of course). With YouTube cutting monetization for small people/channels like us we now get absolutely no income from our videos at all which is a real shame as it was an incentive for us to carry on producing. Having said that, it has now inspired us to to carry on regardless and with your help.

Once we hit the $25 mark we pledge to upload a minimum of 4 new videos per month as we should be able to afford more mobile data and we will be tweeting more often too. Getting beyond that tier will enable us to keep up with the latest technologies for video - we have just invested quite a lot of money on the latest GoPro's and the amazing GoPro Fusion 360 camera. Unfortunately the 360 camera uses massive amounts of data hence this campaign.

Live Video Streaming:
We would love to do more of this on our twitter/periscope as it's great fun but it's also a data eater so with your help this could become more viable!

For people who invest $2 a month we will give them access to the music I compose for the videos released at a rate of 2 per month. You can actually listen to my music on Apple Music - just search Sanity Bypass.

Of course any of our backers, regardless of pledge are always welcome to come and pay us a visit to see what we are up to, just get in contact on Twitter @HannahTheNB and we will see what we can do.

Thanks to everyone for their support, or for just visiting us here on Patreon and on our social networks. Please feel free to share our Patreon page on your social networks - you never know, your friends may like to support us too!
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Every little helps as they say, each and every £ (or $) we receive will help with our video production, art, photography and other exploits where equipment wears out and has to be replaced and software has to be bought.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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