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If you become a student, you will get access to videos of tutorials, explanations of tricks and I will learn you how to start dynamic work. You become my virtual student, and I will follow you back with my coaching instagram account @hanne_coeck.coaching, where you can contact me and ask questions. I post every week a new video and you can tell me if you have specific elements you want to learn. 

You will also get access to performance videos and you are supporting me in making better and more instagram videos. 




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Hello all of you

Want to get a new imput in the aerial silks and learn silks by @hanne_coeck? Become a Patreon and you will get access to videos of explanations of tricks and how you build up to dynamic work, step by step. If there is something specific you want to learn or you really need more help with some stuff, we can arrange skype talks as well. Ideal if you are not able to join one of her workshops, but still want to learn new things. Every week a new video. 

Thank you and let's connect! 
Hanne Coeckelberghs

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