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A buck gets you a digital copy of THERE by Claire Connelly, Broken Caslte by Sloane Leong, early access to pin ups, comics and my undying gratitude!
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Thank you! All pre production sketches. notes and thumbnails will be available for you to look at as well as the previous tier.
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Thanks big spender! For $10 I'll fight my way through the post office lines and mail you physical copies of THERE, Dick Whiskey and other books as I print them for you guys! All other tiers as well.




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My name is Hansel Moreno and I want to make comics.

I've had the pleasure of completing one book with Claire Connelly.


With your help I would like to fund projects with Shawn Daley and Jack Gross.

Shawn and I are working on Dick Whiskey, a weekly webcomic about an alcoholic who enjoys his broken state. This is going to be a rough story to tell. Sure it will have some elements of humor but it is the story of a broken person who refuses help. I plan to portray some of the emotional traps of alcoholism and depression and Dick's path to a better life.

Jack and I are working on a happy and fun adventure comic: Adventures in Nate's Perilous Challenge. Yes that is quite a mouthfull but I think once we get past that lengthy title, we can focus on Nate's story. A young child exploring the magical world around him, questioning why the world works the way it does. This would be released exclusively to patrons for now, although Jack and I hope to publish it in the future.

Any donations would go to these extremely talented artist and help us make comics for you to enjoy.

Thank you!

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$50 is nothing to scoff at. Thanks everyone!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts

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