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About Hans Gerhard Meier

Thanks for dropping by my Patreon page! 
I'm a maker, teacher, and activist. I'll use this page to tell and share stories from my favorite  projects. My goal is to make new friends and connections… and maybe some money:-)
Whatever I earn from you, my Patreons will go straight into funding these projects, web hosting, rent, equipment for documentation, travel and time for talks and meet up's.

So here's what you will support by becoming a my patreon:

A quest to make the industry produce products that are repairable, a symbol that guarantees spare parts and a possible fix for broken goods. The second goal is to make the repair shops that already exist visible and known to concerned consumers. Finally make all of us better and more confident repair men and women!
Is an outlet for making. Teaching and inspiring you to start your own projects, making with your hands. From sketching to final products, I share my process and let you in on the behind the scenes missteps and wins.
We need to love our leftovers, start making Soup! The battle of food waste is on. There are already a big focus on this issue, but Soupr is one more project aiming to make us enjoy making and eating soup even more. Soupr will be a database collecting soup recipes from all over the world - made from leftovers. So the next time you open the fridge you'll be able to make a delicious soup from what you find from yesterdays meal. 
My artistic side gig. This is where no client is allowed access, only creating for the sake of making you smile, think and act. My background is in graphic art, now I've moved on to installations and discursive projects. You're welcome to follow the projects and get sneak peaks of the process. So… Food first, then art!

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