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The reward is knowing that you are contributing to a more ethical and sustainable diary alternative.

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Hi I'm Glen.

I founded the Happy Cow Milk Company in 2012. My mission was to create a more ethical and sustainable dairy model. In April, I faced the hard reality that I couldn't do it. I was out of money and out of energy. But when I announced I was shutting down, something amazing happened. This passionate community of supporters told me not to give up. People heard about my story and wrote from all around the world asking how they could help make Happy Cow rise again.

This support brought me to tears. It's amazing to know that you care about animal welfare and the environment too. The diary industry is a bit of a beast - quite resistant to change. But we got very close. And the people who enjoyed our delicious milk felt so good supporting better dairy. 

So just weeks after landing at rock bottom and admitting defeat, I find myself more determined than ever to make it work.

I know exactly what I need to do.

I created a new way to farm (calves stay with their mothers for 15 weeks). I created a new way to milk (mobile milking is easy on mums and reduces nitrate build-ups). I created my own bottling facility for re-usable glass bottles instead of plastic.

Now, I need to re-invent the system of distribution. And I need to get some proper financial backing to make sure I don't end up here again.

Investors are starting to take notice and I really feel it's all within reach now. But it will require me to focus hard for about six months.

I've set up this page to allow the people who have offered their support a simple way to be a part of the journey to this next phase. With your help, I can make the Happy Cow dream a reality  (and still feed my kids).

My company has gone into liquidation and I have committed to paying back my creditors personally. Any money raised above and beyond my costs of living will go to these people who supported my business and deserve to be paid. 

Your Patreon support will also send a signal to potential investors that I'm not completely crazy - that people really do want an alternative dairy model for New Zealand - and they are willing to back it.

Read more about my journey so far.

Thanks so much for believing in better dairy. I promise I won't let you down.
(No pressure, eh?)


P.S. We'll be posting regular updates here but you can also follow our journey on Facebook,
Instagram and by singing up to our newsletter.
$1,918 of $6,000 per month
This support will keep me going over the next six months, fund the research and development required to re-launch and also send a big signal to investors that people will support sustainable dairying.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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