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About Happy Dragon Pictures

Greetings! This is David Rose, the creator of The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews, an ongoing YouTube series (along with its several spin-offs) that has spent nearly a decade focusing on the love of movies, rather than the online obsession of bashing them. From the very beginning, our mission has always been to create entertaining, informative and funny deep-dive video reviews of the movies we adore, while recommending them to our audience and discussing our passion for collecting them on physical media.

My partner-in-crime Andy Snyder and I have spent all these years working hard at growing a dedicated and awesome community of fellow film buffs, but it has always been a struggle to keep our output steady and consistent, mainly due to other financial and life commitments. For a long time though, it’s been our dream to make The DVD Shelf a full-time gig and we have HUGE plans that could last for literally years to come. And this is where you can help us achieve that goal!

Our Patreon campaign is dedicated to not only helping us release a steady flow of videos to our ever-growing YouTube channel, but to also make sure all of our supporters get their money’s worth by offering them exclusive bonus content! Every little donation will help us release new videos on an almost weekly basis and starting as low as $2 a month, you’ll get even more! You’ll get access to all of our new videos an ENTIRE WEEK before they get posted to our YouTube channel while also getting regular monthly updates from us so you can get a sneak peek at what we have in store for the upcoming month.

Our higher-level tiers will get you even more bonus features like full-resolution downloads of all my digitally hand-drawn title cards/YouTube thumbnails and access to videos we make exclusively for our backers.

But this is only the beginning! As we continue to grow our YouTube channel, we will be rolling out new and exciting DVD Shelf spin-off shows that will cover all kinds of different movies, and eventually TV shows, along with more exclusive goodies in the very near future! So, get in on the fun today and we thank you for helping make The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews an ever-growing safe haven for film lovers!

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