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About Happy Hour with Dennis and Erik

Once a week, lifelong buddies Dennis and Erik get together to talk about their weeks and make each other laugh over evening beverages. You are invited to come along for a hilarious, irreverent, journey with them. 

Before you choose a tier, take a moment to consider how much you regularly pay for an hour of entertainment, e.g. movie tickets or yoga class. Then consider, assuming that you enjoy this podcast, that we are providing 4 hours every month.

Podcasting takes equipment, time, and energy. If you find our discussions entertaining, we'd love any donations you can offer.
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For those who'd like to buy the hosts a round of shots. Become a *patron* with a shot of Patrón! Get it?

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For those with more expensive tastes. Shaken, not stirred.

🥃 Single Malt Scotch
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The best of the best of the best. Aged for decades to perfection...not unlike Dennis.

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