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About Happy Shiiba

I'm a radical of the self.

I believe that the hardest fought revolutions begin and end inside us. My areas of focus deal with analyzing and deconstructing how our internal frameworks for ourselves and our bodies are influenced by Capitalism's desires about who we should be and why. And the insidious ways we're coerced into fixing our internal narratives in its favor. 

My method of counter-attack is via investigation and analysis. I'm a ruthless hunter and gatherer of knowledge, a research junkie, and know a variety of things about the underbelly of marketing and manipulative business practices. I'm a sponge for learning things I shouldn't. 

Whether it's through exposing misinformation about our body health or exploring the idea that we have trouble defining ourselves without Capitalism, my work illuminates a set of bars on our cages that have been forgotten or unknown within Leftism...until now. 
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In a capitalist society, "money" affects our state of mind. I work a freelance job and spend all my resources and income on surviving and any "additional" funds can help me purchase reading materials for future video essays, update my computer to help with my editing (hardware upgrades), and in addition to this channel being my passion, having support helps.

It basically helps with my peace of mind. Every follower, every subscriber, every patron helps me feel confident that my messages are POSITIVELY affecting the world in some way. It's so easy to become nihilistic and pessimistic with the way the world looks. But I strive to be a force that drives meaningful change. 

Capitalism shames us for asking for help. I'm not afraid to say that I would really benefit from your help if you're able to. 

Thank you so much!
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