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The reason I started Happy You Are Here is because I’m passionate about reducing suffering in the world.

So much of our suffering comes from self-inflicted thinking and habits. It’s not our fault. Nobody taught us a better way.

I’m not some guru that was touched by spirit and knows the answers to the universe.
The reason I have so much to share is because I lived this transformation. Most of my life I was miserable. Full of suffering.

I isolated myself because I didn’t feel like I belonged. I compulsively played video games to escape reality. Eventually I started drinking and using drugs to feel SOMETHING that felt good.
If I’m honest, that worked briefly. Not for long. All the highs in the world come with diminishing returns.

Eventually I was on the street corner in Pittsburgh unable to move as I watched people’s shoes step over the last of my change spread out on the pavement in front of me.
That wasn’t even rock bottom. I continued to use and experiment. I’d get sober, get better, and then fall back into those cycles again. Even when I was sober I felt these glimpses of a happy, fulfilling life, but it was plagued by a deep dissatisfaction with life.

Depression and anxiety flooded back in once I was sober. It took years of becoming obsessed with self-development, philosophy, and spirituality to start to piece together “why do I feel this way”.

But then how do you change? The hard part isn’t really understanding what is wrong, it’s putting something in practice that will change your actions.

The methods that helped me reach a state of fulfillment in life. Experiencing profound joy often. Feeling connected to those around me in a deeper way than ever before. Being happy more often than not. Having the strength to face challenges with vigor rather than trudging through them. Those are what I share through Happy You Are Here.

My own experiences are core to this show and when I speak in other places, but I also bring on experts and interesting people to discuss what has worked for them. To constantly be learning and growing. I’m bringing you along with me. Through this show we can grow, become more connected, and live more fulfilling lives together.

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