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You'll aslo get a 3 month membership code and the full sized art after 3 months




Hello to everyone!
This the OFFICIAL subscription page for Hardblush.com

The purpose for this patreon page is the opportunity for you to support hardblush's endeavors and be gifted access to the site in recurring one time or 30 day increments.
Yes! That's correct, you can support all the HB artists you love and staff that keep HB going!

Your membership means when you pledge in the CURRENT month, you are charged UPFRONT and you receive access to HB IMMEDIATELY as your payment is processed. Your membership lasts as long as you are pledged to the 30 day tier, you are free to unpledge when you feel to do so and your membership will last until the end of the month you paid for.
If you want to pledge for a limited time, please do it early in the month to get access for the majority of that month!
You log into the HB website using the same credentials you use for your Patreon account from here https://hardblush.com/ click on the 'log in with patreon' button

This patreon has no milestone goals at the moment, it's a support page, basically, you pledge, you get a pass to the site as thanks, if you pledge and your payment is declined = no access
Also, to be absolutely clear, Hardblush will not be opening to the public, you support, you get access to the site, that's all!

If this patreon receives a lot of support we may be able to offer more advanced options, but for now, it is only an additional way to support HB and it's artists/staff, thanks for reading!

Q: Will the site eventually go public like wetblush did?
A: There are no plans for that at this time.

Q: What if we're already subscribers through verotel?
A: Then we strongly encourage you to switch over to using the patreon as our time at verotel is limited! It's practically hassle free and now cheaper to subscribe from here!

Q: Why are you moving off Verotel to Patreon fully?
Verotel has worked for us a long time but after all these years there are now better options available to us. The system is also pretty old and the login system took a lot of support. We are excited to be able to move on to a more user friendly system!

Please contact us at support[@]hardblush.com for any additional questions!

Wanna hang out? We have a furry oriented Discord Server here:
Patreon Supporters get their own role!

72% complete
a zip of Higher resolution and higher quality art will be sent to patreons each month!
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